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Can Google write your Diary and keep your Journal ?

A long time already I'm thinking about writing a journal to remember what I have done and to resume about my work, family, friends etc. everyday.
So I was looking the web for Journal software. Because I am lazy as every human being and want to delegate the job to somebody else. And I found Journal software like www.lifejournal.com, www.diary, com, www.davidrm.com even for the mac onwww.codingrobots.com/memoires and of course lots of "How to write a Journal"blogs etc...

I just thought, not another application on my computer which is wasting ressources and ends up dead and unused.
Finally I found something clever. www.ohlife.com . It sends you eMails everyday with the subject: "How did your day go?" Great! You just have to answer it and OhLife will safe it on their server and even sends your earlier entries to you so you can read and often smile about the things you were writing.

BUT I thought, great I'm sending all my personal and work related thoughts about…