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Video Storyteller & Reporter

While working in the last years on my Startup www.PassionlyCurious.org I discovered my passion for storytelling and explaining complex stuff aka Tech & Art in videos. 🎬 ❤️
In the beginning I made daft little videos with the auto cut function from the Google Gallery app. Then I discovered Snapchat and Instagram Stories for reporting from Startup Events and Conferences. As I'm getting deeper and deeper into storytelling I'm going to tell more complex stories and working on my own stories to tell. So whenever you need someone to show the special atmosphere and uniqueness of your Brand or Event - let me know! 💪🤓✌️ #socialmedia #storytelling #videoreporter

Now enjoy a Selection of my favourite references:

Together with Project Together we produced a video to encourage more than 1 Million young adults to go voting:

I interviewed for AUDI the Youtube Star Casey Neistat at the Online Marketing Rockstars and talked about Authenticity, Suffering in School and how to protect your own children from school.

At the 3D Conference of the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD - Sächsische Kunstsammlungen Dresden) I interviewed the famous german Director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club). Enjoy his answers to my favourite 3 Questions:

  1. What is your passion?
  2. What is your dream vision of the future?
  3. What is you No 1 Tip for young people?

I captured the inspiring atmosphere in Bayreuth at #DLDCampus17, interviewed speakers about their personal passion and got great life advice for young people! 🤓✌️

I've been reporting from Snapchat AUDI Hackathons in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm where students had the possibilities to use real factory data and create prototypes in 96h at the premises.

Video Reporter + FB + Twitter-Video Snaps during the Karajan Music Tech Conference.

For the Grand Chinese New Years Concert in the Semperoper Dresden I made an emotional recap video for chinese Social Media Platforms.

And I've been reporting from many Startup Events and Conferences like www.PirateSummit.com, www.startupcon.dewww.bitsandpretzels.com, www.mlove.com and more...
I hope you see that the Future in Social Media is Video. So if you are now competent with Text and Pictures in your content marketing strategy - it's time to learn a new skill or hire new video makers / storytellers for your brand. 💪🤓👍